Thursday, February 06, 2014

Mendoza: Empanada Class

I wish that every time I cooked, all the ingredients were measured out for me in bowls!
 One of the best things about my hostel, Hostel Mora, was that there were always lots of activities. Many were through travel agencies around town, but they also had some classes offered right at the hostel. One of these was an empanada-making class, which was lots of fun! This cute little Argentinian lady came in and showed us how it was done!
Our instructor

It was kind of funny-first she showed us how to hand make the dough for the empanadas, but we couldn't understand why she was making such a tiny amount of dough. After she made one, she explained: "You CAN make it by hand. Everyone pretty much buys the disks here. But, once you return to your countries, now you know how to make it if you can't buy the empanada disks there.

We chopped up some onions and browned ground beef with them and some seasoning, and then put in a chunk of hard-boiled egg.
We learn how to close our empanadas, and made some distinguising marks on them so we could tell which ones were ours when they were done cooking.

After we'd formed all our empanadas, we were sent out into the backyard to drink some red wine...this is Mendoza, after all! This is how I met the two Norwegian travelers on the left. Our teacher baked the empanadas instead of frying them (less mess, to be sure!) and brought them out for a taste test. A success!

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