Friday, February 07, 2014

Mendoza: Hostel Mora Review

I stayed in Mendoza, and at Hostel Mora, longer than any other city on my trip. I really liked it and was happy there. It was warm and welcoming, the staff was helpful in arranging excursions, and I especially loved the outdoor area with hammocks and tables as a spot to meet other travelers! Oh yeah, and did I mention WINE HAPPY HOUR? Hello! I stayed in the dorms most nights, with some single rooms thrown in for a break.
Yep, this is the only picture I took of the hostel.

All the stuff I mentioned above, plus it is easy walking distance to lots of places in the city if you want to do some sight-seeing. It's also only about 4-5 blocks walk from the bus station. BREAKFAST WAS AMAZING. Every morning they had freshly made crepes, tons of fresh fruit, good coffee, and eggs to order. As I said, great common areas and free wine make it an easy place to start up a conversation with other travelers. In addition to setting up tours, they offered activities in the hostel such as an empanada-making class, wine tasting, and an awesome asado. Don't miss the asado. The rooms-both private and dorms-are adequate. They're not 5-star, this is a hostel after all.

Did I mention, free wine? There's wine. And it's free.

Not many. The sign is tiny so it's hard to see; make sure you know the exact address or you'll walk right by it, I did! They book up quickly so if you want to extend your stay, let them know ASAP.

There is SO MUCH to do in and around Mendoza. If you don't know where to start, hit up a hostel or travel agent and they'll help you get started!

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