Monday, February 03, 2014

Patagonia Part 10/ Mendoza Part 1 Bike and Wine Tour

OK, fine. Mendoza isn't really part of Patagonia. Get over it, it was part of the same trip!

After all this running around, hiking, exploring, kayaking, and bus ride after bus ride, I was ready to stay in one place for awhile, so I booked a whole week in Mendoza. It was really nice to be in one place that long. I didn't feel like I had to pack every day with every activity and experience I could fit in, and I could afford to have some lazy days-yet I still did a ton of stuff. It was a perfect last leg of five weeks traveling. I was there long enough, and was busy enough, that I'll need several posts to cover it all.

My first activity in Mendoza was the most obvious: a bike and wine tour! The hostel I stayed at arranged tours and this one included 3 wineries (tour and tasting) and short bike rides in between.
The first vineyard, Tapiz, was the most extensive, giving lots of
information about the whole process.

Here is vineyard #2,  Dolium.

Vineyard #3, Norton, was enor
For some reason, we were greeted at Norton with glasses of champagne. Not what I expected, but who am I to complain?

See? Gigantic. Looking in the other direction was the same amount of vats on the other side too.

Norton had this creepy dark basement where they age all their wine. For such a big, "modern" looking place, the basement was old school. Everything was dusty and the only way to identify the year/type of wine was by signs. 

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