Friday, July 03, 2009

Handicrafts of Chajul

One of the projects the group in Chajul does, is find orphans-and there are many-and teach them a skill. The kids are taught to weave and embroider, thus giving them a chance at a livelihood and a future. The weavings often represent daily Mayan life and traditions, which also preserves the culture and passes it down to younger generations.

We were each allowed to buy one scarf or embroidery, but they were really looking for distribution outside of Guatemala, and someone with connections where these could continue to be sold. They are currently being sold by a woman in Norway, but her contract ends soon. I thought it was interesting that they were looking to sell them outside of the country, instead of a market such as Chichicastenango, but I'm sure the prices they fetch outside Guatemala are a lot more lucrative!

These pictures are turned the right way in my picture album. I have no idea why they are coming up sideways. Turn your head to the right, I guess!

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