Sunday, July 19, 2009

Up to Tikal

So after Semuc Champey, I took another 7ish hour van ride south...only to fly north again the next day! Instead of returning to Antigua, I got dropped off in Guatemala City and took a cab to a hostel with free airport shuttle service (yay!). The next morning I was off to the airport at something like 430am, for the hour long flight to Tikal. Perhaps because of its' proximity to Mexico, this is the only place I had to fill out a questionaire about swine flu.

Once again, it was a non-stop couple of days! I was picked up at the airport by a guide and taken to the hotel, where we soon set off on a tour of Tikal. We being a French-Canadian couple, myself, and our guide. The amazing thing about the park is how enormous it is. I logged 20,000 steps that day and STILL didn't see everything!

One of the great things about Guatemala (and all of Central & South America) is that you can pretty much do what you want, because they aren't worried about getting sued all the time. So, you can climb to the top of pyramids and around on many of the ruins. There just aren't many rules. This was kind of neat, because the view from the top of a pyramid is very different from the view at the bottom!

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