Saturday, July 18, 2009

Semuc Champey

Very suddenly, I realized that my remaining days in Guatemala were limited, and there were still several things I wanted to see! In part, thanks to a fellow traveler from Germany, I found a travel joint in town to arrange a weekend tour of Semuc Champey-known as the most beautiful place in Guatemala!

The drive there was quite an adventure...about 7 hours of bumpy roads and TORRENTIAL rain. We finally arrived in a small village and our hostel for the night. The next day was wild! We went up to Semuc Champey on the back of a truck, which was pretty much like a moving party! Then we hiked up to the overlook and down to the pools, swam in the blissfully cool water, saw waterfall after waterfall as each pool cascaded into the next, went swimming in a cave, and tubing down a river! Unfortunately, the ride back into town was not nearly as fun as the ride up: the rain had started again, making the dirt road extremely muddy. Our truck got stuck several times. Never mind the fact that we jumped in straight from the river so most of us were only wearing swimsuits! It was an hour-long crowded ride, and I was so glad to get back!

After that night (HOT shower and sleep) we spent much of the next day back in the van on the way back to Guatemala City. We had a nice stop for lunch and a hike looking for the famed Quetzal (the bird, not the money!) with no luck. It was a busy weekend!

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Timi + Andrew said...

I wish I was so outdoorsy and adventurous like you, Linnea! It must have been so beautiful!