Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meet the "Sailors"

I was rather eager to meet my fellow boating companions, as I would be stuck with them for 7 straight days-like it or not! It turned out to be a great group!!

First of all, there was the crew: Raul, Carlos, and Zaqueo. They were marvelous-friendly, talented, and eager to make us all happy.

Then there were Lisa and Paul, a couple from Canada. They were great fun! Birte (holding Lobster) was from Germany/then Denmark. Michael and Rich were traveling from California. Dan and Megan are both from the US (Cincinnati) but Dan has been living in Guatemala for the last 3 years installing water purifiers. Finally there was the captain, John, and his wife, Yesica, and their two boys, Sean and Jason. It was a great group-thank goodness!

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