Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I'm attaching pictures of the view of the plaza at the school where I sit and drink coffee, email, and do homework, and the clouds moving in yesterday afternoon.

Now, some editorializing
Things I'm over in Costa Rica:
1. Cold showers
2 Do they really have to get up so early? And the sun rises and sets so early!
3. None of the streets have names; none of the houses have numbers. The "address" of my house is 125 meters northeast of De Lucia's restaurant. Kind of a pain if you're somewhere new. Sort of charming, though...

Things to love about Costa Rica:
1. They cancel classes to watch soccer games (now that is dedication)
2. The people
3. (duh) the scenery and beauty. Can you even comprehend what parks in the US would be like if we were more interested in preserving them than in making money? That's why the roads aren't even paved here.
4. You can walk anywhere you want to go.
6. Okay, other than the cold showers I dig everything here. I can see why people visit here and never go back home.

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