Wednesday, June 28, 2006

reasons not to leave...

Yes, I took this picture, but it looks like one of the one that comes with your computer! I took this 2 nights ago on the beach that´s about a block from the place I´m staying. I´d love to attach more pictures but it takes FOREVER here. Anyway, the beach life is fun but I used the alarm clock-thermometer from Auntie Laurie (Mom, thank her for me!) and it was 98 degrees yesterday in the shade, 104 in the sun! Crazy, huh...and the humidity is what you´d expect by the ocean. But it´s beautiful and you can usually swim or dip in the ocean to cool off. It´s rainy today, though, but cooler. There´s not much to do around here when it rains. Anyway life is good, Playa Flamingo is a different world from Monteverde, but beautiful in a different way. Say hi, let me know how you´re doing!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going great down there. The Invitational was fun, Golden took 1st and 2nd (Scotty Neal and Brian Spink).

Bad News: We are no longer running Patrick Carroll's on Sundays. Talked with the Manager and it just wasn't drawing enough business.

My e-mail is down, my Web Host fell off of the face of the earth so if you want to e-mail me you can reach me at

Everyone misses you and can't wait till you get back. I personally would rather be there, it sounds amazing.