Thursday, June 15, 2006

water, water, everywhere, but....

Here is today's irony. In the last 2 days I have experienced more rain than in the last year in Colorado, probably. Yet....when I woke up this morning my family told me, "No hay agua!" So I guess this happens a lot around here, especially with all the rain, that the water in the houses doesn't always work. I guess that's what I get for complaining about cold showers: no shower at all!

Other than that things are going well. Last night after I posted, I went with Rachel & Liz to a pizza place. Pizza had never sounded so good and it definitely hit the spot! The beer everyone drinks here is "Imperial." It is delicious. I think I'm going to start having it shipped to me when I come home! It's the best. Anyway after dinner we hiked back up the hill to a restaurant called Moon Shiva to hear live music there...and drink another Imperial! So that was fun; the big night out. I had to have the school call my "Mama Tica" to tell her I wouldn't be home for dinner. I can communicate okay in person but am not brave enough for the phone yet!

By the way the picture is the rain before I left for my hike yesterday! Hopefully can add more later; it just takes forever and they don't always post anyway.

Plans for the day: soak in the hot tub (the school has both a hot tub and some exercise machines on site), grab some lunch somewhere....the "casados" are the local thing to eat, and good variety, but I'm getting sort of sick of rice and beans. Then some friends are going to a bar to watch the England soccer game. There is soccer on here all the time...everyone is really bummed out that Costa Rica lost this morning. My "mama tica" and every single person that works at the school is wearing a red Costa Rica shirt. Even baby Fabricio's crib was moved in front of the tv! Anyway, tonight is the clase de bailar, which should be fun! I hope they were serious about "no horseback experience necessary" for tomorrows ride! And also, hopefully it doesn't rain the entire time. That would be ideal. But I have stop expecting anything else!


Anonymous said...

i tried to comment but it was too löng and then it asked for your email address which i don't have so i made 1 up , therefore you probably won't get it. i'll do better next time. sounds like things are going pretty well. how much more time do you have in the rain? i'll have lots to tell uou about our trip & ride when we get back i think about you lots!!

Anonymous said...

sorry, this is your mother writting, not some anonymous person!

John Blanco said...

Sounds like fun out there. :-) You're missing 90 degree heat out here, my lawn is yellowing, and Cimbi has been more prone to hairballs because of the stuffy hot weather.

Enjoy the soccer. :-)