Wednesday, June 14, 2006

rain, rain, rain

Costa Rica misconception #1: It just sort of drizzles here for awhile.

That one, as mythbusters would say, was busted right open yesterday, and again today. Those of you who know me well will be glad to hear I found "La Taberna" yesterday with a friend from England and we enjoyed us a couple of cervecas. Cervasas? Hmm. I'll check on that. Anyway we are at this cool hotel bar (pictures to be posted soon, hopefully tomorrow) where the wall behind the bar was glass and you could see the rainforest! So that was cool. Anyway it started to rain and it was a major torrential downpour. The problem with morning classes is that's when the weather is nice. We thought we'd wait it out but after an hour it became clear that wasn't going to happen. So we walked back up this giant hill (did I mention no roads are paved here? All those potholes are now filled with water) and I was soaked to the bone when I got back to the place. Happily, I had my first warm shower since I got here which was a total luxury. In the morning they're freezing. And it rained for hours. (It doesn't take much time here to learn the Spanish words for rain and raincoat!)

This morning was gorgeous. At about 10am it started to rain again, and rain hard, and rain for hours. I had a tour scheduled at an ecological preserve with another Coloradan and we decided to go ahead and do it in the rain. It was pretty cool but no animals were out. Oh, except for mosquitos. So today I had the school call my host family to let them know I won't be home for dinner, even though I'm having fun eating something new for every single meal...but Rachel (the English one) and Liz (from Florida) and I are going to this Moon Shiva restaurant for live Latin music! So that should be fun. I still just think Costa Rica is absolutely amazing. Totally love it. And the rain here is different. In Colorado you actually cancel plans when it rains. Here, you just assume it will rain and do whatever you had planned on anyway, so it doesn't bug you so much. It's great. Oh, also great: plantains and chimayo. I will have to figure out how to get these things at home! There is a big Costa Rica futbol game coming up vs. Ecuador. I heard that at the other campus they cancelled classes and went to a bar for the last game. As my instructor said, it's not a sport here, it's a religion! Anyway, I'm off for now...dinner calls! Hope everyone is doing well!


carol said...

looks cool, sounds cool & wet! i am glad to hear that you are liking costa rica so far.
we have made it to stockholm w-o complications, will take the bus to motala today. luckily most everyone here speaks english.

cellothug said...

I'm loving it! I'm glad your trip is going well, good luck on the ride! Is it Saturday? My goal is to learn a toast in Spanish to take home with me so I can toast in more languages...Justin, if you read this, what's the one you know? Alto, bajo, is all I remember....