Friday, June 09, 2006

practice post

Okay, I'm trying to get this all figured out before I leave and have to pay by the hour for internet access! I leave early tomorrow morning so I'm taking a break from packing.

On Monday I took one last hike here before my trip. Not only did I want to fit one in, but I'm also hoping to climb Costa Rica's tallest mountain, Mount Chirripo, while I'm there. It is a 2-day climb and they have a ranger station you can stay at overnight. So I'm considering that...I'm not too worried about the length of the climb (21 km each way-sorry, everything I have is in the stupid metric system!) or altitude...3820 m, somewhere in the mid 12,000 ft's the altitude gain. So I'll try to stay in shape by running when I'm in Costa Rica and see how I feel by the end. I'm going for 5 weeks, and the last week is open right now; I haven't planned anything for sure yet, so that's when I'd do it.

Anyway I'd better get back to packing, and I have a few last errands to run today. It looks like the first family I'm staying with in Monteverde lives really close to an internet cafe so I'll try to get on a couple times a week to update you on my adventures! Please feel free to comment or say hi!


John Blanco said...

First comment!

Stef said...


What are you going to do without your Rockies games? Good luck in Costa Rica...maybe you will find a school that needs a good 3rd grade teacher?? Stef